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World’s First Cold Storage Energy Containers Are Being Delivered to China

The world’s first delivery container using materials that retailer and launch cold storage energy is now being delivered in China.

University of Birmingham consultants worked with considered one of China’s most extensive railway rolling stock companies to develop the chilly storage road/rail container.

CRRC Shijiazhuang has now begun to ship the first order of to the Yunnan Su Lida of 49 passively-cooled containers Agricultural Products Supply Chain Co. Ltd. The containers are a performance-enhanced model of the launch units trailed in 2018.

The University’s Heart for Energy Storage worked with CRRC Shijiazhuang to develop the container using part change materials (PCMs) that retailer and launch cold energy.

These “refrigerated” containers for built-in highway/rail functions use PCM based cold storage technology, developed by Professor Yulong Ding and his crew at Birmingham in collaboration with CRRC Shijiazhuang.

As soon as charged the technology can keep the inside of the container inside a set temperature vary for over one hundred hours.

For instance, if the set temperature range is 5-12 ᵒC, one charge might last around 140 hours; however, the period can be increased to approximately 194 hours if the set temperature varies 0-5 ˚C. A full cost for a container may be achieved in lower than two hours.

Compared with traditional technologies which depend on diesel-powered refrigeration, these PCM cooled freight containers have the advantages of fixed temperature control, passive cooling, power-saving, and environmental benefits. The containers can comfortably be transported between trains and trucks, offering enhanced flexibility across supply chains.

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