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Unrevealing The Myths Around Frozen Foods

The talk on frozen foods has been heating up for some time. Are these meals nutritious? Are the chemical compounds in these meals inflicting a hormonal imbalance? Amidst this, CEO of Innovative Foods Limited Mithun Appaiah, says his model Sumeru is attempting to interrupt the parable that ‘frozen is unhealthy.’ And he does so by a Particular person Fast Freezing Technology.

Many firms are into ‘warmth and eat’ meals, however health practitioners advise in opposition to their consumption.

We have to cease believing within the myths round frozen meals. Health practitioners say frozen meals are excessive on components, preservatives, and low on the vitamin. However, that’s not all the time the case. It is freezing an critical methodology. As a course of, it includes minimal processing, excessive retention of vitamins, style texture, and freshness, making it one of many most secure strategies of meals preservation with none other preservatives.

Individuals assume contemporary market produce is healthier; however, it’s not all the time right. Modern gadgets are useful to look; however, these attain the patron a superb 15-20 days submit-harvest. In consequence, the diet will get destroyed on account of air pollution, improper storage circumstances, and gradual transit.

One of many most significant benefits for frozen meals is the usage of Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology, additionally known as flash-freezing. It separates the meals objects after freezing. Natural freezing results in the formation of large ice crystals within the cells of the product/produce, thereby resulting in a lack of vitamins, texture, and style. But IQF prevents that.

The prepared and frozen meals market has witnessed gentle progress the world over, significantly in growing Asian countries. India’s frozen meals market that stood at $310 million in 2017 is projected to develop to $754 million by 2023. In our nation, Kochi and Hyderabad have the very best demand for frozen meals.

Analysis reveals that with a rise in quick-paced lifestyle, double earnings properties, women becoming a member of the workforce and younger professionals dwelling alone, the consumption of frozen meals has additionally elevated dramatically.

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