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The Alchemist Atelier Store – Customization and Digitalization of Perfume

When the world of perfume (Puig) partners with the European electrical appliances leader (BSH), the outcome is known as Scent Creator: technology combined with a perfume customization utility to be tested on the Paris – The Alchemist Atelier store, or at home.

As customization and digitalization are all the rage in the world of beauty, and specifically of perfumes, The Alchemist Atelier, the Noustique Perfumes brand, breaks the codes and redefines bespoke perfume. Any further, thanks to the Scent Creator and an app, perfume fans can change into their perfume-creator at home, or within the first Paris-based Alchemist Atelier retailer. That’s the place perfume lovers can straight compose their very own 20 ml Eau de Parfum, with the assistance of a perfume-creator, or attend a one-hour-and-a-half workshop.

This new device merely the size of espresso machine results from research work carried out by Alvaro Suarez, one of the Noustique founders, and is produced by BSH, the European electrical appliances expert. However, what was a real first was that Alvaro decided to accomplice with a fragrance specialist, Puig, to manufacture bases and accords. Beware, no gimmick, quality is guaranteed! The perfume-creators of IFF (Fanny Bal, Juliette Karaguezouglou and Nicolas Beaulieu) and Puig (Elizabeth Vidal, Camille Latron and Bérénice Watteau) labored hand in hand to design 16 bases and 18 accords that can all be combined.

As well as, the Alchemist Atelier app offers to assist with the artistic process, by illustrating the method underneath growth with superb pictures of substances. This manner, the budding fragrance-creators can modify their formulation, with the nostril or the attention. The innovations are then produced by the Scent Creator, fitted with exact dosing mechanisms, earlier than being mechanically recorded by the device and saved for future purposes.

For the four Noustique founders (Alvaro Suarez, Hugo Lasala, Kuba Jedlinski, Albert Casademont), all aged over 30, the fragrance itself not issues to perfume brands. “In all fragrance stores, there’s a battle between brands and packaging, and the juice now not performs a job!” explains Alvaro Suarez.

Each of the founders carries inside himself the will to revive perfume’s status. Moreover, due to technology, they’re considering creating a unique perfume, and even offering shoppers with worth and technology, whereas creating new enterprise models.

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