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Saffron Road Extended Its Portfolio with A Line of Globally-Inspired Frozen Entrées

Saffron Road – a company specialized in natural and organic goods – extended its portfolio with a line of globally-inspired frozen entrées. The new options are Thai-type Green Curry with Chicken, Coconut Curry Chicken, Vegetable Biryani and Madras Curry with Chicken Meatballs.

The meals are crafted using traditional cooking traditions and using authentic recipes which feature chicken raised without antibiotics and sustainable plant-based proteins like chickpeas and cashews. What’s extra, ’they’re free from artificial ingredients – together with colors, flavors or preservatives. Last, however not least, all four entrées are certified Halal and gluten-free.

With the new frozen lineup, Saffron Road is delving more in-depth in the ethnic category.

“We believe that authentic flavors have the facility to move you, and at Saffron Road, we make that drive a reality by providing the very best from across the globe. The spirit for flavor adventure and exploration solely continues to develop with the rising spending power of younger shoppers – especially Millennials. They increasingly need extra internationally-inspired options that are made with solely clear-label substances, like antibiotic-free and plant-based mostly proteins,” said Adnan Durrani, CEO, and founder of Saffron Road.

Saffron Road is an American food brand. ’It’s a subsidiary of American Halal Company, Inc. Saffron Highway manufactures frozen foods and healthy snacks which can be halal certified. Saffron Road manufactures frozen foods and healthy snacks that are halal certified.

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