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Robbers Steal 600 Toilet Paper Rolls Amid Coronavirus Fear

Hong Kong police stated they’d arrested two armed robbers who stole 600 rolls of toilet paper outside a grocery store—an indication of how scarce the fundamental necessity has become amid fear buying as a result of coronavirus epidemic.Robbers Steal 600 Toilet Paper Rolls Amid Coronavirus FearBased on local media, a truck driver was delivering the toilet paper rolls to a grocery store in the Mong Kok neighborhood at around 5 am. An hour later, three knife-wielding men in their 20s wearing caps and face masks showed up. One of them scared the driver with two knives as the other two loaded about 50 packs of toilet paper onto a cart.

The toilet paper was later discovered stashed in a nearby guesthouse, where police arrested two suspects.

Along with medical face masks and cleaning merchandise, necessities akin to toilet paper, rice, canned food, and other household products have become heavily wanted in Hong Kong in the wake of the epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Earlier this month, buyers emptied store cabinets of toilet paper following online rumors that its supplies may run out as a result of the virus epidemic forcing a slowdown of factories in mainland China.

There are 57 patients recognized with the coronavirus in Hong Kong. The city was hard-struck by the 2002-2003 epidemic of an extreme acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which has left many residents anxious about a mass COVID-19 epidemic.

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