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Quorn Is More Efficient in Muscle Building Than Milk Protein

A study from the – University of Exeter has discovered that mycoprotein, the protein-rich food supply that’s distinctive to Quorn products, stimulates post-exercise muscle building to a better extent than milk protein. The study evaluated the digestion of protein, which allows amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to extend within the bloodstream after which develop into accessible for muscle protein constructing in 20 healthy, trained young men at rest and following a bout of strenuous resistance exercise.

The young men performed the exercise and were then given either milk protein or mycoprotein.

Their muscle-building charges had been then measured using stable isotope-labeled “tracers” in the hours following protein consumption.

Animal proteins like milk are an excellent source for muscle growth, so they provide a useful comparison for testing other protein sources.

The results showed that whereas those that ingested milk6 protein increased their muscle-building rates by as much as 60%, those that had mycoprotein elevated their muscle development rates (MGRs) by greater than double this—showing that mycoprotein, the primary ingredient in all Quorn products, is a more practical supply of protein to promote muscle development.

Recent research has recommended that present recommendations for protein intake are too low—some scientists have calculated that minimum protein necessities could have been underestimated by as a lot as 30-50% in some populations.

The British Nutrition Foundation already recommends mycoprotein as the source of dietary protein, each for everyday life and sport and exercise.

A pivot to “different” sources of protein subsequently may be advisable—and mycoprotein is well placed to fill the hole.

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