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Oxford Frozen Foods Is Making A $8.54-Million Capital Investment for Advancement of Packaging Gear

Oxford Frozen Foods is making a $8.54-million capital investment that may generate an improved packaging line to meet the increasing demand for export and improve effectivity and production levels.

The company that last year celebrated its 50th anniversary in Oxford is receiving a cost of $2.135-million in innovation rebate through Nova Scotia Business Inc. upon completion of the venture that will start later this year and be completed by the first quarter of 2020.

“It’s about attempting to improve our total quality whereas additionally allowing us to place extra product via on the same time,” Jordan Burkhardt, director of administration with Oxford Frozen Meals, advised the Amherst Information on July 17. “It comes right down to creating new markets. This enables us to broaden the market for wild blueberries by being able to put more product through.”

The largest producer of wild blueberries in North America, Oxford Frozen Foods, additionally processes and packages carrots and battered products. It’s the world’s largest supplier of quality frozen blueberries.

Burkhardt said Oxford Frozen Foods is working very hard to open new markets for Nova Scotia blueberries in addition to its other products. To fulfill that demand, he mentioned, it has been methods to increase output whereas being extra environment-friendly and efficient in its processing capabilities.

Having the choice of the business development incentive from NSBI helped with the opportunity to proceed with its capital investment.

Burkhardt mentioned as an alternative to a new processing line; the project involves new technology within the facility. In certain areas, there will probably be new conveyors. Nevertheless, it’s about improved equipment in the process.

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