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Japanese Cosmetics Plunged by 23% In South Korea Amid Trade War

Amid the widening anti-Japanese emotion in South Korea following Tokyo’s retaliatory trade restrictions, Japanese cosmetics have become a new target of Korean consumers’ Japanese product boycott campaign with their sales rapidly falling this month.

Based on sources from the retail industry on Sunday, sales of Japan’s premium skincare brand SK-Ⅱ plunged 23 % from July 1 to 25 from the same interval last year at an area department retailer, with these of Shiseido falling 21 % and Shu Uemura 15 %. The cosmetics labels have been equally hit at another department retailer chains across the nation, with gross sales dropping 20 % on average.

As the consumer boycott towards Japanese brands is increasing, some customers even asked for placing the Japanese beauty merchandise they shopped in a bag that doesn’t carry the brand label, an official from a division retailer stated. Some Japanese cosmetics manufacturers are reportedly mulling removing promoting boards at stores to cover the national identity of the brands, according to sources.

Cosmetics merchandise have just lately joined the listing of Japanese merchandise that Korean consumers attempt to avoid amid rising anger over the Japanese authorities that has restricted shipments to Korea of three critical materials utilized in manufacturing chips and shows since July 4 citing security causes. However, Seoul believes the measure is a part of Tokyo’s retaliatory motion against Korean court docket’s rulings ordering Japanese firms to compensate for Koreans forced to work during World War Ⅱ.

The action has quickly triggered anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea and led to voluntary boycott motion against all Japanese merchandise starting from beers and clothing to cars and touring to Japan. Sales of Japanese beers on the nation’s leading retailer E-Mart plunged 48.1 % from July 1 to 25 from a year in the past, and people of Japanese prompt noodle merchandise fell 33.1 % and snacks 29 %. As shoppers are changing the brands with Korean ones, sales of Korean beers rose 8.1 % over the same period.

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