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Frozen Food Startup Ipsa Provisions Aims to Deliver Meals to Doorstep Across Manhattan

As food delivery and easy home, cooking has grown over the last ten years, a corporate Chipotle veteran and a vet of Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park have paired up in an attempt to disrupt frozen food, with meals costing as much as $25 for two to three people.Frozen Food Startup Ipsa Provisions Aims to Deliver Meals to Doorstep Across Manhattan

Joshua Brau, who was a brand director at Blue Apron and a manager at Chipotle’s company offices, and Micah Fredmanwho was at upscale restaurants before turning into a private chef, are the co-founders of Ipsa Provisions, a fine-dining take on the blocks of meals stacked up in the frozen aisle.

While other frozen meal options like Lean Cuisine clock in the under-$5 mark, Ipsa meals often range in cost from $21 to $25 apiece.

The startup offers dishes like beef and kimchi stew with Korean rice cakes, coconut curry with vegetables, and charred pineapple pibil with chicken, all cooked in a licensed kitchen in Long Island City.

Prospects can place orders for weekly delivery as desired on Ipsa’s website. However, it’s not on a subscription program, and meal prep typically involves not more than defrosting the food utilizing a stove.

The duo has been piloting the products with about 150 customers in the town prior to the public launch. They are cautious about how they expand. Outside traders in the venture haven’t extended past family and friends at this point.

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