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Frozen Burger Segment Continues to Monopolize the Global Burger Market, Report States

The frozen burger segment continues to monopolize the global burger market, in response to a Technavio report. Its rise in popularity and sales are predicted to grow by 7% until 2025. The frozen burger segment dominated the worldwide market, with a revenue share of greater than 68%. In 2016, EMEA accounted for the most significant share of close to 52% of the worldwide packaged burgers market in 2016. BUBBA foods, PRAEGER’S Drink Eat Well, Kellogg, Monde Nissin, Paragon Quality Foods, and The Kraft Heinz Company are the leading players out there

That is the most significant product section within the world packaged burgers market and dominated the worldwide market with a revenue share of greater than 68%. The report stated that frozen burgers are the second most well-liked fast food after frozen pizza. The market is projecting good development prospects as many distributors within the burger market have ventured into the frozen food industry over the previous five years.

Based on Manjunath Reddy, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on food, “frozen burgers are the most popular variant of packaged burgers as a result of they are often saved in the freezer for an extended duration and their shelf life ranges from 6-8 months. Ground turkey and beef burgers are the most favored product variants of frozen burgers. The growing variety of vegan product launches and rising demand for organic, gluten-free, and low-fat products will drive the expansion of the worldwide packaged frozen burgers market during the forecast period.”

Rising urbanization and rising demand for comfort food products are one of many main elements driving the worldwide packaged burgers market. Urbanization is a rising development throughout the globe. As per the World Bank data – 53.85% of the global inhabitants are settled in city areas.

The rising urbanization signifies that there’s a rise within the disposable revenue of consumers and their living standards have additionally improved. Nonetheless, hectic existence has resulted in deteriorating health situations and life-style issues due to unhealthy consuming habits. The working population seeks excessive diet-primarily based fast foods created from organic and gluten-free ingredients.

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