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French Men Are More Interested in High Concentrations of Perfume

Men’s fragrances are on the ascent in France, with a market estimated at 205 million euros, based on data posted by The NPD Group, regarding the period from January to the end of May 2019. The figures offered by the market research agency present the growing importance of this category within the selective beauty market, as well as an increasing passion of men for the most intense fragrances.

The men’s fragrance market is way from being negligible in France. Utilizing comparison, the worth of this segment is practically two times lower in the United Kingdom over the same period. As already acclaimed by The NPD Group in the United States, there’s a growing interest on the part of French male customers for higher concentrated essences and launches on this phase have multiplied.

Whereas less concentrated Eaux de toilette (toilet waters) stay the most coveted class for males, accounting for two-thirds of world gross sales, the research shows a growing interest in additional concentrated, and therefore more intense, perfumes.

Sales of men’s Eaux de Parfum – that are more intense than restroom waters rose by 28% between January and May 2019, representing a price of 50 million euros. Much more concentrated, extracts have seen their sales stage to double in comparison with the same period in 2018. Moreover, rates, a lot higher for the most intense categories (74 euros on common for an Eau de Parfum, 94 euros for an extract, in comparison with 65 euros on every day for all ’males’ fragrances) don’t seem to be a vital issue for French male consumers.

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