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End-To-End Traceability Within the Food Supply Chain Is Link to Profitability

End-to-end traceability within the food supply chain can do higher than a safeguard against inherent harms, notably on the processing stage. Geoff Furniss, head of BBC Technologies within TOMRA, explains how.

Each step of the food supply chain, from farm to table, is beneath pressure to improve traceability. Regulators, retailers, and customers increasingly demand traceability, and by helping prevent food scandals, brand reputations can depend upon it.

It’s broadly understood that traceability is essential for food safety, however less well-known that traceability may assist food producers and processors raises profitability. At this stage within the supply chain, sorting machines necessary for making precise traceability, food quality, and food safety – also can assist scale back food waste, analyze yield, and optimize working efficiencies. Furthermore, sorting technologies will help food producers and processors win enterprise by ensuring that their merchandise attains a quality customary interesting to retailers.

The core wants for traceability is belief. Consider food-related news headlines lately: melamine in dairy merchandise, salmonella in peanut butter, wooden pulp bulking out parmesan cheese, horsemeat passing as beef, E.Coli bacteria in romaine lettuce, listeria bacteria discovered inside an apple processing plant, and so many different scandals too. Bad news spreads far and quick, amplified by customers on social media, and buyers come to regard food suppliers with suspicion.

Whether or not these scandals are prompted using fraud or by chance, more significant levels of traceability within the food provide chain would prevent many from ever occurring. If food scandals do happen, traceability could make it simpler to trace down the sources of contamination or adulteration. Within the case of E. Coli in romaine lettuce, for instance, the trigger was rapidly discovered as water in a canal in Arizona. Nevertheless, it was unattainable to traceback all affected merchandise as a result of bagged salads contained ingredients from several ranches, and their data of origin were not thorough sufficient. Extra detailed and standardized record-keeping is essential.

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