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Certain Temperatures Can Keep Food Fresh for Quite a Long Time

For the meals in your fridge to remain contemporary for so long as attainable—no ice crystals on the lettuce or microorganism breeding in heat spots—the fridge temperature ought to hover properly around 37° F. Within the freezer, a temperature of 0° F will preserve foods completely frozen.

However, the temperature controls on many fridges solely will let you select from a sequence of numbers— for example, from 1 to 5, with 1 being the coldest and 5 the warmest. To additional complicate issues, even when fridges have digital controls that help you set a selected refrigerator temperature, our checks have discovered that the settings aren’t all the time correct.

However the temperature-measuring gear Consumer Reports makes use of in its lab checks is extraordinarily exact, right down to a fraction of a level. In consequence, we will let you know precisely the place to set your fridge temperature to realize optimum freshness.

When a brand new batch of fridges comes into our labs, we begin by setting the ambient temperature in our climate-managed chambers to 70° F, to simulate situations in most dwelling kitchens.

Then we decide which thermostat setting on every fridge will get the interior temperature within the heart of the unit to between 36° F and 38° F. We do the identical factor within the freezer, experimenting till we get the freezer temperature to between -1° F and 1° F.

It’s necessary to notice that we don’t penalize fridges for inaccurate settings. Most refrigerators can sustain constant temperatures as soon as they attain a maximum degree. The purpose is that it’s essential to know how to get them to the 37° F and 0° F marks. And that’s why we embrace this data within the Features & Specs tab of our refrigerator rating chart. You’ll discover the best temperature setting for fridges with digital controls and the perfect numeric worth for fashions with that kind of thermostat.

Your finest wager is to purchase a refrigerator thermometer, accessible, and at dwelling facilities for a couple of dollars, and conduct your experiment. The thermometer won’t be as actual because the delicate thermocouples we use in our lab, nevertheless it ought to get you inside a level or so of the right fridge temperature to maintain your meals recent, tasty, and secure for so long as doable.

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