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Caribou Coffee Is Revealing Its Twist On Flavor-Infused Sparkling Drinks

Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis, is revealing its twist on flavor-infused sparkling drinks with a line of ready-to-drink cans and in-store handcrafted beverages. Caribou Bou-sted Caffeinated Drinks include sparkling waters and sparkling drinks with caffeine-derived from coffee beans, ginseng, and guarana extract. The outcome is a collection of drinks designed to fire life’s adventures, at any time and any day, the company says.

Available this fall, the Caribou Bou-sted Caffeinated Drinks will roll out two product lines: Sparkling Caffeinated Waters and Sparkling Caffeinated Drinks.

A low-calorie beverage with the addition of caffeine, the flavored-infused sparkling waters can be found in Grapefruit and Mixed Berry varieties. Packaged in slim white cans, Caribou Bou-sted Caffeinated Waters don the model’s signature Caribou icon on the center of the packaging.

Available in Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit Orange Guava, Sparkling Caffeinated Drinks are crafted with flavor-infused sparkling water, fruit infusions, different natural flavors, and caffeine and packaged in slim, colorful cans.

Along with the ready-to-drink releases, Caribou Coffee areas will provide Caribou Bou-sted Handcrafted Drinks. The assortment will embody taste-infused sparkling waters, crafted sodas, and crafted sparkling juices. Consumers can have unique “bou-sted” flavors to select from (together with Spicy Pineapple and Blue Cotton Sweet) and could have the power to customize their taste and caffeine level. Certain drinks also can be obtainable in blended variations.

The Caribou Bou-sted prepared-to-drink assortment might be available in all Caribou Coffee firm-owned areas this fall. Handcrafted Bou-sted drinks will be obtainable in select Caribou Coffee areas nationwide and the company’s new Caribou Cabin concept stores opening in Minnesota later this year.

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