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Bakelite to Replace Plastic in Luxury Perfumes and Cosmetics

French company Technicaps, the European leader in thermosetting resin transformation, advocates the environmental efficiency of their products, Bakelite-primarily based caps, lids and jars for the luxury industry, with an intensive plan based mostly on the 3R strategy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

With its naturally high density of 1.5, cold feel and singular sonority, the Bakelite cap shares a protracted history with the world of luxury perfumes and cosmetics. “The first perfume caps not made of glass were Bakelite-based,” explains CEO Arnaud Revel. Supplanted by plastic within the Seventies, these non-petrochemical materials are now gaining more interest.

From a technical standpoint, thermosetting supplies are insulating, so they provide intrinsic compatibility with many bulk products for lids and jars.

As for design, these materials present extremely thin, unique engravings.

Moreover, as regards the value, Bakelite products are certainly costlier than plastic. However, Technicaps offsets this by providing a broad vary of standard models for attractive prices.

Lastly, so far as environmental safety is concerned, Bakelite is a good student. Usually classified as plastic, it’s derived from bio-sourced raw materials: 40% comes from wooden cellulose and 60% from renewable parts just like the air, water, and urea.

To strengthen their environmental commitment, five years ago, Technicaps launched a broad plan primarily based on the 3R strategy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). This strategy helped cut back water consumption by four, but besides, enhance manufacturing without increasing power consumption.

When it comes to reusing, the program is aimed to reintegrate production flakes by way of a process added to the manufacturing section.

Lastly, it ought to be mentioned that to produce one tonne of Bakelite, 1.14 tonne of CO2 is emitted, which is still thrice less than to make one tonne of mass-produced thermosets.

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