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Anti-Pollution Foods Growing Trend in Asia, New Survey

Anti-pollution foods could be the next big thing, in response to Global Data. Against this backdrop, the analytics firm says that producers should act shortly to capitalize on the chance and take credible steps to address the issue of pollution, rather than merely revenue from its existence.

To date, food producers have addressed this situation implicitly by promoting the inclusion of antioxidants, which defend against free radicals generated by pollution (among other things).

Based on a 2018 consumer survey, environmental concerns are on the forefront of consumers’ minds, with 32% of Asian consumers saying that their buying decision is often based on how the world around them is changing while 33% and 38% of Indian and Chinese consumers, respectively, believe that “living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle” is essential or crucial to their well-being.

“In a scenario-pushed by alarming air pollution levels, heightened client awareness, and advances in dietary science, there is a chance for meals and drinks producers to target the effects of poor air high quality. Foods at the moment occupy the initial stage of anti-pollution claims, which focus primarily on emphasizing ‘clear’ formulations and implying purity,” commented Shagun Sachdeva, consumer insights analyst for GlobalData

The market potential for pollution-fighting food and relies heavily on consumers’ need to buy products that target increasingly particular health needs proactively. GlobalData discovered that 34% of Asian consumers’ product choices are always influenced by the health and wellness attributes of products/services.

Anti-pollution meals undoubtedly characterize a rising, however profitable section. However, credibility will depend on the ability of the manufacturers to build belief with science-backed evidence to support claims,” concludes Sachdeva.

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